The One Winged Birdling

High up in a tree
At the dawning of spring,
Lived a wise Mother Bird
And her Baby Birdling.

Their home wasn’t made
Of cement or bricks,
But was crafted by Mother
Out of leaves and sticks.

Mother Bird loved her Baby Birdling,
But Baby Birdling was different,
For he only had one wing.

Together they watched
As the sun said “goodnight”,
Whilst Mother Bird whispered,
“I love you with all my might.”

So Baby Bird slept the night away,
And held out for the promise
Of a brand new day.

As the moon went to sleep
And the sun began to rise,
High up in the tree
The Baby Birdling opened his eyes.

“Good morning Mum, how are you today?”
Are the very first words the Birdling went to say.

But to his surprise
There was no one there,
He could not see Mother Bird anywhere.

Birdling scratched his head
And the scratched some more,
“I’ve never been left on my own before”

 “What should I do?
Where could she be?
I know, I’ll shout her,
She’s sure to hear me.”

So he fluffed up his feathers
And breathed into his tum,
Then let out one almighty

The Birdling listened closely
But his Mother never came
“I know!” he cried,
“I’ll try it again.”

So he fluffed his feathers
And breathed into his tum,
Then let out another almighty

But shouting was no use
His voice couldn’t reach the sky,
There was only one thing for the Birdling to do
Baby Birdling had to fly.

As the sun went down on the Baby Birdling,
He realised be couldn’t fly with only one wing.
So Baby Bird lay high up in the tree and thought,
“This nest feels so empty with just lonely, little me.”

Whilst the stars twinkled and the moon shone bright,
The Birdling became sad
Because his Mother was nowhere in sight.

As the next day came
And the sun began to rise,
High up in the tree
The Baby Birdling opened his eyes.

The Birdling scratched his head
And his stomach started to moan,
“I’m still here Mum, I’m still here on my own.”

Then suddenly with a squeak!
From beneath the Birdling’s house,
Came a very small visitor in the form of a Mouse.

“Excuse me Baby Birdling”
Said the Mouse oh so shy,
“I heard you call and I’ve come to see why.”

“Good morning Miss Mouse
I’m sorry, I’m rather sad,
I can’t find my Mum and I don’t have a dad.”

 “Oh my!” gasped the Mouse
Clutching her hand to her heart,
“What can we do? Oh where shall we start?”

So the Birdling explained
As he moved to the Mouse,
Inviting her into his empty twiglet house.

“I started by screaming
but my voice couldn’t reach the sky,
now the only left for me to do is fly.”

 “Good heavens Baby Birdling,
But how- may I ask?
You only have one wing,
That’s a mighty big task!”

But the Birdling missed his Mother
He needed to try,
To find her somewhere out there
Way up there in the sky.

“I know!” cried Miss Mouse
“Here’s what to do,
Just run, jump and flap your wing
The wind will carry you.”

So the Birdling prepared for his first ever flight,
Then he ran and he flapped
With all of his might.

Baby Birdling jumped
From the branch of the tree,
But he didn’t fly-
Instead he fell and bumped his knee.

“There’s not enough wind!”
Cried the Birdling to the Mouse,
As he wiped away his tears
Whilst he stumbled to his house.

“I’m sorry Birdling;
I thought that would do it.
Don’t give up now Birdling,
You can pull through it.”

Then down swung a friend
From a branch and a vine,
Mr Monkey had arrived
In a super fast time.

“Is anyone hurt?
I came as fast as I could.
I heard someone fall
With a very loud THUD!”

“Hello Mr Monkey,
That was Baby Birdling,
He’s trying to fly
But he only has one wing.”

Mr Monkey observed the Baby Birdling,
Who was nursing his knee
With his one and only wing.

“There, there Baby Bird,
Tell me- why do you cry?”
“My Mother has left me and didn’t say goodbye.”

Miss Mouse explained
How he’d attempted to fly
And how the breeze wasn’t strong enough
To take the Birdling to the sky.

So Mr Monkey thought of what to do,
“I know, I’ll blow
My breath will carry you!”

The Birdling prepared
For his second ever flight
“Are you ready to blow with all of your might?”

Mr Monkey was set
“I’m ready to go,
Let’s find your Mother…

1, 2, 3, BLOW!”

So the Birdling ran and the Monkey blew,
But it wasn’t enough,
Birdling fell- he never flew.

“I’m sorry Birdling
I thought that would do it,
But let’s not give up now
We can pull through it.”

Then Miss Mouse stepped forward
With her eyes full of glee,
“Perhaps it may work
With a little help from me.”

So the Birdling prepared
For his third ever flight,
“Are you ready to blow with all of your might?”

Both Miss Mouse and Mr Monkey
Were ready to go,
“Let’s try again…

1, 2, 3, BLOW!”

The Birdling ran and the Mouse and Monkey blew,
For a second time the Birdling left the ground
But still he never flew.

“Let’s try again…

1, 2, 3, BLOW!”

“1, 2, 3, BLOW!”

“1, 2, 3, BLOW!”

Time and time again
They blew and they blew,
But still the Baby Birdling never flew.

Feeling sad and deflated
The Birdling looked to the sky,
“I’ll never find my mum.
I’ll never be able to fly.”

All three of them sighed;
The Birdling, the Monkey and the Mouse,
As they sat amongst the twigs and the sticks
Of the Baby Birdling’s house.

“What good am I?
I’m a useless Birdling!
I’ll be Mum less and lonely forever
With only one flightless wing.”

Monkey and Mouse moved over to bird
Putting their arms around him
Without saying a word.

“Don’t be sad Birdling,
You’ve got us two.
You’ll never be lonely-
We’re your friends and we love you.”

“Thank you” tweeted Birdling
All calm and sincere
As he looked at his friends and wiped away a tear.

Just at that moment
Like a message from above,
A leaf floated down
Like the wing of a dove.

An idea sparked and glowed and bloomed
In the mind of the Birdling,
“Let’s use this leaf that’s floated down
To build a brand new wing.”

Monkey, Mouse and Birdling cheered
And got to work straight away,
Because Birdling wanted to try his new wing
Before the end of the day.

They got the leaf and got some twigs
And tied them up with a vine,
The wing was made and Birdling was looking mighty fine.

“At last! At last, my dream’s coming true
I’ll get to find my Mum.
Now let’s try out my brand new wing
Before the day is done.”

So the Birdling prepared
For one more flight,
“Are you ready to blow with all of your might?”

Both Miss Mouse and Mr Monkey were ready to go.
“Fingers crossed…

1, 2, 3, BLOW!”

“1, 2, 3, BLOW!”

“1, 2, 3, BLOW!”

Higher and higher the Birdling rose
Was up into the sky,
“We did it! We did it! I have two wings
I’m finally able to fly.”

He swished and he swooped and loop-de-looped
Then gently landed in his house,
“Thank you, I love you; my two best friends,
Mr Monkey and Miss Mouse.”

And as they hugged a shadow landed
And waited ‘til they’d done,
For none of them could believe their eyes
Standing there was Birdling’s Mum.

“There, there my Baby Bird
Tell me, why do you cry?”
“Oh Mum, I thought you’d left me alone
Without even saying goodbye.”

His Mother pulled him in and smiled
“I left whilst you were asleep,
In search of something scrumptious
For both of us to eat.”

All the animals laughed and told the tale
Of the Baby Birdling,
How he wanted to fly and find his Mum
And how they made him a brand new wing.

Then Mother Bird and Birdling
Said “goodbye” to Monkey and Mouse,
“Thank you so much for helping me
And safe journey to you house.”

As night time loomed overhead,
Mother Bird and Baby Birdling
Prepared for bed.

Together they watched
As the sun said goodnight,
Whilst Mother Bird whispered-

“I love you; my son, with all of my might.”



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