Dear Me…

“I’ve never been that good at writing letters; always unsure of how to start or what to say. Do you treat it like a text message? Start with a “Hi, how are you?” in the hope that they’ll respond point by point… “Yeah I’m good thanks, my family are good, my dog is good, school is good…”.

To be honest, I’ve never really been any good with words, never been tactile with a pen, never been a wordsmith of sorts. But still, I find myself contemplating- pen in hand faced with the ice white cloud of paper before me. The vast, empty space taunting me with words unwritten, unheard, unspoken. Words that boil and brew deep inside, blind to expression or relief. Just boiling and brewing over and over, suffocating- desperate for a way out. I just don’t know how.




I understand these words. I feel these words. I allow myself to succumb to the threatening power they have over a sensitive soul that just longs to burst out and live in a moment of freedom. Oh, to feel that freedom. To lose the shackles of self doubt and self censorship and come toe to toe with the unforgiving ocean and spread my wings and glide over without a doubt or care.


You feel this way too? I know. I am you. You are me. Can I tell you everything changes for the better and that everything falls into place? I wish I could, but so is life’s tangled web that even now, I still find myself hanging in it’s murky mess. But I too, still have a journey to take, a path to travel. All I can say for certain is that you are good. You are right. You have love. You are loved.


Take it step by step, day by day. Let go of that immediate gratification- the dictatorship of the modern world. One day your heart will stop-it is inevitable. But your soul will fly. Prepare it. Nurture it. Believe it.


You Are! So Be!”


With the questions of having the right to be who you are being slandered and compromised, it is important we look at ourselves and think “what would you tell your younger self? What would you tell a younger stranger about the future?”

Acceptance and love is the answer.



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